Above video was shot by Gino Canella – thank you, Gino! You rock!

Conquering the Pacaya Volcano in Antigua, Guatemala. February 2011. This incredible shot was taken by my friend and amazing photographer Todd Laffler:

During a wedding shoot in Baltimore, MD. October 2010 (photo by Erik Matey):

You know how wild NJ weddings can get! The below image by Marcin Sliwinski:

I measure time by the clicks of my camera’s shutter. Photography is everything. It’s a lifestyle, a mindset, a love, an addiction, a complete dedication.

Arizona, March 2009.

The life of a wedding photographer is incredibly fascinating. I absolutely love what I do and wouldn’t trade my job for any other in the world. It can be challenging at times but if you are up to that challenge it is even more rewarding at the end. The shot of me below was taken in Baltimore, MD during the craziest wedding weekend of my life:

It was a crazy one because it started with a wedding in NJ on a Friday. The second one was shot in Baltimore, MD on Saturday and then the third one in… upstate NY on Sunday. Please don’t ask me how I survived it. Now that I think about it I don’t even know how it’s possible to stay focused with so little sleep in between. All I know is that all three weddings were fantastic, the coverage amazing, clients very happy – you can find their testimonials in the ‘RAVES’ section of this website:)I believe I slept for two days straight after that weekend was over!

Because wedding photographers love to get together and cooperate (it’s true – we are not really competition to each other, it’s more like a one big family! yeah right… ok – sometimes we are in competition!) I often get to work with phenomenal people, masters of their craft like Neil van Niekerk who took this shot of me working:

…and for those of you that are wondering what was the resulting shot of the above action:

To some wedding photographers they profession may be only a job. To myself and my friends it is and always have been so much more. It’s a true passion, a lifestyle, a total commitment. Here’s another photo by the masterful David Lim, this time with another NJ/NY star of wedding photography my Dear friend Robin Roemer taken during a wedding reception:

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