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* – David 2 in the beginning of this note refers to “David Squared” – the name myself and David Lim have been given by Christina and her bridesmaids in the beginning of 2012 wedding season… and now it sticks:)

“Fearless, creative talent always pushing the boundaries beyond of what’s been done before. Always a treat to see life through David’s lens!” – Victoria Clausen.

“Hi David,

Megan sent us the link for her & Patrick’s wedding slideshow and I just had to write and say how amazing it was. You were able to, not only take breathtakingly gorgeous pictures that captured the beauty of the day, but you captured the emotion and personalities of everyone as well. I got all teary eyed looking at some of the photos and laughed out loud at others. Megan is a truly wonderful person who deserved nothing but the best and she definitely got the best in having you as her photographer. You and Marcin were a joy to work with and made the whole process a fun adventure. From voguing in that old purple hot tub to gallivanting around the yard in the misty twilight I had a blast being a part of the photographic world that your crazy genius creates. Thank you so much for capturing the joyfulness and love that infused that day. Please pass on my gratitude and admiration to your partner in crime as well. You guys rock hard core!

-Amanda King”

“Your photos make me go down on my knees emotionally. You are an amazing artist. Not only that your technique is spotless, but your ideas are so creative AND you have such a great empathy for perfect moments. I am overwhelmed by your work. I stop right here to send likes so that I don’t block your news feed [on Instagram] but believe me – I like so many more.” – Nathalie

“20 years in the industry and I am blown away every single time…” – Rob Lettieri

Epic, visionary, genius! Lizzie has already changed her profile picture. that shot is sooo awesome. and I hear she was barefoot in a puddle in an alley!!! OMG OMG we all love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marcin was fantastic too and I hope he gets to share in the glory. Please extend my heartfelt thanks to him. Every time I think i know what you’re up to, you exceed my wildest dreams! Lizzie and Bo are soo excited and happy.
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox you really are the BEST! Love, Andrea

Good Morning David.. thank you sooooo much for not only the pictures, which are amazing by the way, but also for a great time last night. It’s been so stressful the past couple of weeks and last night was exactly what we needed. It was so much fun that we were sad it ended. We really appreciate your time and enthusiasm and cant wait to see the rest.

- Tal Karpenshif [after the engagement session shoot, late May 2011]

“I saw David’s highlight pics from that day [Lizzie & Bo's wedding] on his site; the dude’s got mad skills.”

Gino [Gino Canella - videographer located in Philadelphia, this is a line from an email to another videographer, kindly forwarded to me - thanks Bob!;)]

So MANY gorgeous shots! You two [+ Erik Matey] captured so many special moments, it really is amazing. Will and I are both so pleased and have gone through them countless time already. It is going to be so tough to decide which ones to frame! Thank you again for everything! Now we need to come up with another event so we can work with you again soon;)


We just wanted to thank you so much for doing such amazing work at our wedding. How we ended up working together came about so last minute and was a unique situation [I stepped in for another photographer, a friend of mine who couldn't be present at the wedding for health reasons - David] but you jumped right in with energy, enthusiasm and a fantastic eye. The photos are so fabulous and you did a great job of capturing so many memories- from Sarah’s grandmothers on the dance floor, to our friends’ crazy dance moves– they are all wonderful! We are truly overwhelmed trying to narrow down the photos for an album!
We thank you so much for helping us capture our special memories. The photos are way beyond what we imagined!

Thank you so so much.
Sarah & Steve

Where do I begin! I want to thank you so much for everything friday night. We’ve never felt so confident and so comfortable in front of a camera! We also can’t believe how much fun we had with you! Your vision is amazing, your talent is endless, your skill is unsurpassed. We could not be happier with this decision and we are dying to see the outcome! We are so lucky to have you shoot our wedding and are more excited for it now than ever. Pictures to me are the most important aspect, and I could not be more thankful that our photography is in your hands. I have so much trust in you and your work. I will let tell you that I researched photographers for months, and there isn’t one comparable to you. I have officially become your very own walking and talking billboard!! I wish every bride on earth had the opportunity to work with you. They will never know what they’re missing- unless of course they see my pictures!! I can not wait another minute to see the pictures and share them with our family and friends!”

- Jamie Bilt, getting married on September 10, 2011

“Hi David,

We want to thank you so much for yesterday! We LOVED working with you and Neil! You were so laid back, calm, and great at directing us and making everyone feel comfortable. Many of our guests commented about how nice you were. We have all had expereinces at other weddings with photographers that are demanding or aggressive with guests to get the shot, but you and Neil were the exact opposite. You were kind and fun and just a pleasure! We loved how enthusiastic you were with your commentary as you took our portraits – that made us feel great! And josh and his brothers commented how they had a lot of fun with Neil at the hotel – they all said I was right for having him come and capture that time together. Neil did an awesome job at making them feel comfortable in front of the camera. We are so happy we had you both were there with us on our special day! We can’t wait to see the pictures when they are ready!!

all our best,
nina & josh”

“If I could describe David and his work
in just a few words, it would be:
breathtaking, exquisite, unconventional and diverse.
He listens and understands his surroundings
and the people so well.”

- Sabrina Lo (May 16, 2009)

Hey David-

The pictures are AMAZING!! They are ridiculous and I am in love with them, thank you so much. Tim told me they were posted while I was at work and I raced home as fast as I could to see them. The saturation is amazing, I really don’t know which series I like the best. Even my mom likes them and she doesn’t know anything about art. But that’s what they are…really, really, really good art. It really gets me psyched even more for the wedding!

Jennifer Massi (September 19, 2009)
[received after posting engagement session gallery]

Hey David!

As I’m sure you hear ALL the time.. everyone who I have shown your blog post to has just been in AWE of your pictures. There hasn’t been ONE person who just casually said, “oh that’s nice” every person has said how breathtaking and fantastic they are!! YEA! You truly have blown away all my friends and family on how you absolutely captured the day and the emotions!

I am so impressed and am so telling all my engaged friends about you! (and the internet of course!)

I cannot wait to see the gallery and am already thinking about how I want to frame and print the photos haha! So fun!

Talk to you soon!
Margaux Pena (April 18, 2009)

Out of all of the MILLIONS of decisions that I made for my wedding day, besides choosing the Groom of course, choosing David Mielcarek as my Wedding Photographer was the BEST decision I made hands down!!!

I myself am a Professional Photographer with a degree in Photography from FIT, so when choosing a wedding Photographer, I had the highest of standards and expectations! I am known as a perfectionist, high maintenance and overly demanding. Not only did David meet every single one of my very high expectations, but he greatly EXCEEDED them with flying colors!!! I am not easy to please, so that was quite an accomplishment!

From the moment we met I just had this good feeling about David! He’s just a very likeable, kind-hearted person. On top of his personable demeanor, his picture’s brought tears to my eyes!!! At that moment, I knew that my long search for the World’s Best Wedding Photographer was finally over! He was it!!!

David has this easing charm about his personality that makes the most nervous and stressed bridezilla feel comfortable and relaxed around him on one of her most important days! He knew how to get the natural smiles and have fun while doing it! He made me feel so special, like I was the most beautiful bride he had ever seen! He was 100% professional, reliable and trustworthy at all times! He was also so patient with me, and a pleasure to work with from start to finish! He followed through on every promise and I cannot imagine a better Wedding Photographer!

Every single one of my wedding pictures was breath-taking! David captured everything I could have dreamed of and more! I have referred David to every single one of my friends and family members that have gotten engaged since I met him and will continue to do so in the future! I have never seen a more beautiful wedding album in my life!!! Everyone who has seen it agrees and wishes that they knew about him for their wedding day!

There are no words to fully describe how absolutely flawless David was!!! Both my husband and I will be forever grateful for all of David’s hard work, patience and award winning pictures! We feel so BLESSED to have found David to photograph one of the most important days of our lives!

From the bottom of our hearts we want to say, THANK-YOU DAVID MIELCAREK!!! YOU ARE THE WORLD’S BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER!!!

Angela Moravek (September 2, 2006)

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