Julia + Sean = drop dead gorgeous!

What do we like when we shoot weddings? I’ll tell you: we like blue shoes (and an umbrella!), funky flowers andView full post »

Nina Wen Tsi Okun and Salvatore John Furia

Sometimes you don’t have to write about couples. All you need to do is… mention their names. Look at theView full post »

Megan + Patrick = midnight summer dream

I am so electrified after coming back from today’s wild adventure with Megan and Patrick. What didn’t we getView full post »

Kate + Ryan: Viva la vida loca!

The absolutely best thing about my profession is that a single phone call on a random day can change your life! Yes,View full post »


While the dust from the paths of Tikal jungle is still on my shoes and small particles of lava rocks in the creases ofView full post »

Gorgeous season finalie: Jennine + Christopher!

Jennine and Christopher’s wedding was one of those that “photograph themselves” – as long as youView full post »

Al is back: e-session in POLAND!

A few days ago I came back from an epic trip to my homeland: Poland. The first visit in almost 10 years resulted in aView full post »

Kinsey + Will: a truly amazing Sale(s)!

Ok, it’s an inside joke but I couldn’t resist and getting to know Kinsey, Will and their families I knowView full post »

Darkness falls accross the land…

…The midnight hour is close at hand Creatures crawl in search of blood To terrorize y’alls neighborhood I&#View full post »

Renu + Varinder: Anand Karaj

Three shooters coverage for Renu & Varinder’s wedding turned out to be the best decision we could have done.View full post »